We intend for the edited volume and/ or special issue that comes out of this project to appeal to members of both the academy and the policy community. We also envision it being a useful resource for those teaching graduate seminars in academic and policy Ph.D. programs.  In addition to the volume/ special issue, we are open to exploring other outlets in which to publish parts of this research.  For example, Foreign Policy and Foreign Affairs have both expressed interest in addressing this issue, and such venues would broaden the audience for this research.


We generally yield to authors in deciding exactly which specific debates, trends, and/or ideas to include in your chapters, but we hope that each chapter broadly speaks to a set of common questions about the relationship between the academic and policy worlds. These questions might include, but need not be limited to:


  1. To what extent has research produced by members of your academic subfield shaped foreign policy, the policy process, and/or the public discourse about policy issues?

  2. Are there any specific examples of theories, models, data collection efforts, or ideas within your academic subfield that have made their way into policy circles?

  3. To what extent have international events and policy choices or outcomes shaped the debates within your academic subfield?

  4. How common is it for members of your subfield to leave the academy either temporarily or permanently to work in policy making or advising positions within governments, IGOs, or NGOs with a policy focus?

  5. Is engagement between your academic subfield and the policy community increasing, decreasing, or remaining constant?  

  6. To what degree are there opportunities for more engagement between your subfield and the policy community?

  7. How does your subfield compare with other subfields within IR or other disciplines beyond IR in terms of its impact on policy making and/ or policy implementation?  Why is your subfield more or less influential than other subfields or disciplines beyond IR?

Where possible, we hope that you will draw on data collected by the TRIP project to illustrate your argument and/or test hypotheses about your subfield. The journal article database includes systematic information on approximately 5,400 peer-reviewed journal articles published in top IR journals between 1980 and 2012. We also have data from four waves of our faculty survey and two waves of our new Snap Poll policy surveys. By the January 2015 conference we will expect complete papers. Authors should present preliminary drafts at the August conference.

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