Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography of Works on the Theory-Practice Gap in IR

Teaching, Research & International Policy Project



"Why the Wizards of Armageddon Hit An Intellectual Dead-end:And What That Tells Us About the Relevance of Academic Nuclear Strategy Today"

Paul Avey (Southern Methodist University) and Mike Desch (University of Notre Dame)

"Lost in Translation: Academics, Policymakers, and Research about Interstate Conflict"

Sarah Kreps (Cornell University) and Jessica Weeks (University of Wisconsin - Madison) 

"Global Environmental Politics and Theory: A Continuum of Influence?"

Jessica Green (Case Western Reserve University) and Thomas Hale (University of Oxford)

"Trade Policy and Trade Policy Research"

Edward Mansfield (University of Pennsylvania) and Jon Pevehouse (University of Wisconsin - Madison) 

“The Weakest Link? Scholarship and Policy on Intrastate Conflict”

Mike Findley (University of Texas at Austin) and Joseph Young (American University)

"Mind the Gap? Links between Policy and Academic Research of Foreign Aid"

Christina Schneider (University of California - San Diego)

"Rights and Wrongs: Human Rights at the Intersection of the IR Academy and Practice"

Amanda Murdie (University of Missouri - Columbia)

"Is International Relations Relevant for International Money and Finance?"

Tom Pepinsky (Cornell University) and David Steinberg (University of Oregon)


Response Essays

Response to: Avey-Desch, "Why the Wizards of Armageddon Ran Into An Intellectual Dead End:..."

John R Harvey (Independent Consultant - Served with DoD and DOE/NNSA)

Response to "The Study and Practice of Global Environmental Politics: Policy Influence through Participation"

Marc Levy (Columbia University)

Reflections on "Mind the Gap? Links Between Policy and Academic Research of Foreign Aid"

Steven Radelet (Georgetown University)

“Trade Policy & Research: Comment by Robert B. Zoellick”

Robert B. Zoellick (Belfer Center - Harvard University)

“Closing the Influence Gap: How to Get Better Alignment of Scholars and Practitioners on Human Rights”

Sarah Mendelson (Center for Strategic and International Studies)

"Reflections from an Erstwhile Policymaker"

Peter Feaver (Duke University)

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